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Government/Private polytechnics including 2nd shift polytechnics in Engineering colleges are hereby informed that, last working day for completing the academic schedule for 1st year Diploma students is postponed due to shortage of working days for the candidates admitted through spot admissions from 29-02-2020 to 14-03-2020 and for 1st year D.Pharmacy (ER-91) Students from 21-03-2020 to 31-03-2020.

AP SBTET – Exams – Board Diploma Examinations in the schemes of C09, C14, C16, First & Second year ER-91 Pharmacy – Regular/ Supplementary for Backlog subjects – examinations March/April 2020 – Notification

Further, it is informed that the candidates willing to appear for the above examinations have to approach any Polytechnic where they are studying/studied, with recent passport size photo for registration and obtaining hall ticket. The student can also make the fee payment through payment gateway i.e. Debit Card/Credit Card/Net Banking. For backlog candidates the Polytechnic Operators will collect the Examination fee and generate the hall ticket by uploading the photo and handover the printout of the hall ticket to the candidate. For this service, Polytechnic Operators will collect Rs.15/- from the candidate per hall ticket for Normal and Late fee and Rs.25/- for Tatkal. The candidate can generate the hall ticket directly by making payment through payment gateway (i.e. Debit Card/Credit Card/Net Banking). The regular candidates can make the fee payment by any of the above methods but the hall ticket will not be generated until the candidate put up the required attendance to appear for the examination. The hall tickets for regular candidates will be generated only after verification of attendance. The hall ticket for backlog candidates will be generated after receiving the fee amount. The candidate has to obtain the signature on the hall ticket from the concerned Head of Section Principal before appearing for the examination. (Note: Before remitting the fee, the candidate shall ensure his eligibility status, since fee once paid is not refundable.)



  1. A/ AA/ AEI/C/ CM/CCP/ EC/EE/ GT/ HMCT/ IT/ M/ MNG/PET/PCT/ RAC/ CH / CHOT / CHPC / CHPP / CHST ? MET / TT / BM, I year & IV Semester (C-16)

  2. BM – VI Semester (C-16)

  3. PH – I and II year (ER-91)

  4. V/VI Semester C-16 A/ AA/ AEI/C/ CM/CCP/ EC/EE/ GT/ HMCT/ IT/ M/ MNG/PET/PCT/ RAC/ CHST.



  2. A/ AA/ AEI/C/ CM/CCP/ EC/EE/ GT/ HMCT/ IT/ M/ MNG/PET/PCT/RAC/CH/CHOT/ CHPC/ CHPP/ CHST/ MET/ TT/BM – I Year, III, IV, V, VI and VII Semester. (C-14)

  3. A/AEI/C/ CM/CCP/ EC/EE/ GT / IT/ M/ MNG/PET/PCT/ RAC/ MNG/ CHST – I Year, III, IV, V, VI Semester of 2013 batch of C-09 Scheme

  4. CH/CHOT/ CHPC/ CHPP / MET/ TT/ BM – I Year, III, IV, V, VI, VII Semester of 2013 batch of C-09 Scheme




Practical ExaminationsBefore Theory Examinations
Commencement of theory examinations for C-09, C-14, C-16 & ER 91 schemes30-03-2020 (Monday)
Date of Commencement for payment of examination fee
through Online
25-03-2020 (Wednesday)
Last date for payment of examination fee without penalty to all candidates10-03-2020 (Monday)
Last date for payment of examination fee with penalty to all candidates.13-03-2020 (Wednesday)
Last date for payment of examination fee and submission of  application form (UNDER TATKAL SCHEME)22-03-2020 (Sunday)
Last date for uploading of unit test Marks & S.M to SBTET27-03-2020 (Friday)
Submission of practical examination marks to the S.B.T.E.T30-04-2020 (Thursday)
Industrial Training fee (5th, 6th & 7th Semester) shall pay through AP Online/Payment gateway/net banking.
Last date for payment of Industrial training assessment fee without penalty.13-04-2020 (Monday)
Last date for payment of Industrial training assessment fee with penalty25-04-2020 (Saturday)
Submission of Industrial training assessment marks to the S.B.T.E.T15-05-2020 (Friday)



AP SBTET Examination Fee Particular 2020

Fee Details:
(i) Fee for whole or part examinationRs. 550/-          
(ii) Fee for whole or part examination for pharmacy course Rs. 800/-
(iii) Additional Fee for pass certificate for those who are appearing  for regular Final year/ Final semester examinationRs. 600/-
(iv) a) Late Fee (penalty)b) Tatkal scheme (Including Examination fee)Rs. 600/-Rs. 3000/-  
 (vi) Assessment fee for Industrial Training  Rs. 600/-  
 (vi) Condonation Fee (Up to 10%) i.e. from above 65% and below 75%Rs. 800 /-

Polytechnics/institutions where Regular exams are being conducted are requested to ensure the in – time completion of the syllabus i.e. on or before 29-02-2020 for C-16 first year & second year PH (ER-91) candidates and on or before 21-03-2020 for 4 th and 5/6 th semesters of C-16 scheme as per the academic calendar and – for first year PH (ER91) candidates. A copy of the Notification is to be displayed on the notice board of the Institution for information of the candidates and wide publicity shall be given among the students by circulating a copy of the Notification and the memo in the reference 1st cited into the class rooms.

Candidates who possess 75% of attendance only should be permitted to appear for the Regular Examination and if any candidate does not put in the required percentage of attendance he/she should not be permitted to appear for the examination. However the Principals are empowered to condone the shortage of attendance up to 10% based on Medical Grounds only, on production of supporting material of such claim and after collecting the necessary amount of penalty from the candidates.

The details of candidates eligible for condonation are to be uploaded to the fee payment portal by 29-02-2020  for I year, IV, V and VI Semesters by considering the presumptive attendance for the remaining period and the hall tickets for those candidates will be generated after payment of condonation fee through the APOnline/ Payment gateway i.e Debit Card/Credit Card/Net Banking before . Principals are requested not to take any DDs towards condonation fee.

The principals are further requested to upload the detained candidates data in the Diploma student portal so as to restrict the generation of hall ticket for the candidates who are not eligible to appear for the examination due to lack of attendance. For the regular candidates the hall tickets will be generated after closing date of fee payment and verification of their eligibility.

The principals are requested to ensure that the Hall tickets will not be issued to the candidates who are detained for shortage of attendance even though they paid the examination fee. The details of detained candidates are to be uploaded to the fee payment portal by 05-03-2020 by considering the presumptive attendance for the remaining period.

The URL for online examination fee payment is for the Polytechnics in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Transfer of examination centre, for the students, is not permitted after last working day under any circumstances. The receipt of this letter together with Notification may please be acknowledged.

(a) The following candidates are eligible for Mar/Apr – 2020 Diploma Examinations as Second mercy chance, subject to condition on Govt. Permission.

  1. Candidates admitted under C-09 Scheme during the academic year 2013-2014 in to 3 Year Diploma courses and 2012-13 into 3 ½ year Diploma courses.

  2. Inter Vocational Course (IVC) candidates admitted under C-14 Scheme into II year (III Semester) Diploma Courses directly in the academic year 2015-2016 (Pin with ‘14’) batch of 3 Year Diploma courses.

  3. Candidates admitted under ER-91 Scheme during the academic Year 2014-2015 (Pin with ‘15’) into 2 year Diploma in Pharmacy on First Mercy Chance given by Commissioner of Technical Education, Chairman, SBTET AP.

SBTET-Exams–Notification for Revaluation and Photo Copy of
Diploma C18-II/IV Semesters, MID SEM-I, December 2019

That the results of C-18-II/IV Semester, MID SEM-I, December 2019 Examinations have already been declared. In this connection, the Principals of Polytechnics are hereby informed to communicate the results and RV & PC Notification schedule to the candidates so that the desired candidates can
apply for Revaluation (RV) and Photo Copy (PC) online at as per the prescribed fee and dates are as follows.





a) Application in the form of hard copy by post or in person will not be
b) Students must pay the fee through online only.
c) Students can download the Photo Copy of the answer scripts online immediately after payment.
d) Enter the correct e-mail address and Mobile number while filling the application online as the Revaluation marks status will be informed to the candidates through the registered mobile number via SMS only.
e) No hard copies will be provided to the candidates by post or in person.
f) SBTET will refund the Re-valuation fee amount to the students whose marks are changed after Re-valuation, to the account/ card from which the amount was paid to SBTET online.

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