1. There shall be 3 visits to the Industry/Organizations where the students are undergoing Industrial Training for 6 months. However, during the 2nd & 3rd visits, the Staff members have to assess the trainees for 100 marks in each assessment along with the training in/charge from the Industry/Organization as per the instructions given in the Curriculum Books

2.1st Visit (accommodation of students) Preferably within one month from the commencement of industrial training

2nd Visit (lst assessment) At the end of 3rd month

3rd Visit (2nd assessment) At the end of training (before 3 or 4 days earlier to completion of the training)

3.One staff member has to assess a minimum of 10 students in one visit irrespective of the number of industries/organizations.

4.If a student is allotted to an industry/organization which is far away from his/her polytechnic, a staff member from a nearby polytechnic need to visit the industry for accommodation study and assessment of such candidates and assessment report should be sent to the concerned polytechnic. The staff member who is assessing the student in industry is only eligible to claim conveyance and remuneration for number of students they assessed.

5.For each visit Rs.75/ shall be paid to each staff member towards conveyance.

6.During academic assessments (2nd and 3 rd visits) the staff member and training i/c of the industry/organization shall be paid Rs.12/ per candidate per assessment subject to a minimum of Rs.lOO/ to the training i/c of industry/organization (for staff member of the institute there is no such minimum limit)

7.For seminar at the institution level after completion of 6 months training, External Examiner, Head of Section and one concerned staff member of the section shall be paid each Rs.12/-per candidate.

Note : The above may change and it is completely based on SBTET Board Operations. This Site/Page is not responsible for any changes or liable..This is only for your reference


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