AP ECET - 2 0 1 5 Final Phase Notification DETAILED

Eligible Candidates of A.P-ECET-2015 (all Engg and B.Sc Candidates) who have attended/not attended for certificate verification and qualified candidates of Diploma in Pharmacy from rank 1 to last are informed to exercise options on 16-07-2015 & 17-07-2015 using their old password Login Id for the seats now available and consequential vacancies that may arise in process of allotment, from any Help Line Centre or Internet facility (Café/Home).

Who can exercise options?

 Candidates who have secured seats but not interested to join.

 Who have not secured seats so far but got their certificates verified.

 Who have not exercised the options so far but got their certificates verified.

 Who have secured seats, reported and aspiring for a better option.

 Who have reported/Not reported but cancelled their 1st Phase allotment.

Note: Options given in the 1st Phase will not be considered for allotment and candidates have to exercise option afresh now.

Candidates who are satisfied with their previous allotment need not exercise option once again. They shall note that if they exercise options now and a seat is allotted as per the options, the vacated seat will be allotted to next meritorious candidate and hence they will have no claim on previous allotment. Candidates who have not attended for Certificate Verification earlier should get their Certificates verified from any one of the Help Line Centres (See Annexure-I) on
16-07-2015 and 17-07-2015 at 9.00 A.M to exercise their options. However, the Special reservation Category Candidates (Sports/NCC/CAP/PH) who did not get their Certificates verified earlier should get their certificates verified now at Govt. Polytechnic (Near Benz Circle) Vijayawada only. Allotments will be placed on the website on 21-07-2015 after 6 PM. For vacancies and other details please visit: https://apecet.nic.in . It is advised to exercise options for interested colleges/courses assuming that vacancies would arise in all colleges in the process of sliding.


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