1.    Definitions

a). “Academic year” means Academic Year of the SBTET,AP,Hyderabad:
      Academic schedule as stipulated by SBTET, AP in Rules and regulations course wise

b). “Act” means the SBTET, AP, Hyderabad Act-1982 (act 1 of 1982, G.O.Ms.No.140, dated 24-4-       
      1984.)  The Board had come into existence from 1st June 1984.
c). “SBTET,AP,Hyderabad web-portal” means web site hosted by the Andhra Pradesh State
     Board of Technical Education and Training.

d). “Applicant” means an applicant that makes an application to the  SBTET, AP for
     Seeking approval for short term certificate courses under SBTET, AP.

 e). “Architect” means an Architect registered with the Council of Architecture
      established under the Architect Act 1972.

 f). “SBTET” AP,Hyderabad means Andhra Pradesh  State Board of Technical Education and Training
     Under section 3 of the Act.

 g). “Course” means one of the branches of learning in Course for a stipulated period.

 h). ‘Batch’ shall mean a batch of 30 candidates in each certificate course.

 i). “Head of the Institution” means the Principal or the Director or such other
    designation as the executive head of the institution or the institute is referred.

j). “Private Institution” means an Institution started by a  Society/Trust and does not
     receive any grant/fund from Central and/or State Government and/or Union Territory
     Administration for meeting its recurring expenditure.

k). “Society” means a Society registered under Society Registration Act 1860.
l). “Trust” means a Trust registered under Charitable Trust Act 1950 or any other relevant act.
m) . “Full Time Course” means the course which is conducted during regular timings of the
     institution i.e. 10.00  A.M to 4.00 P.M for a stipulated period.

n). “Part Time Course” means the course which is conducted before or after the regular
      working  hours of the institution with  a stipulated period

2. General
a).The institution should be run by a registered society / organization.
b). The management of society/ institution shall have an irrevocable resolution to establish
   and run the proposed institution for a minimum of two (2) years.
      c). Any change in the management structure / office bearers shall be informed to the SBTET,AP.
      d).The institution has to pay prescribed Affiliation fee for each course in every academic year
   before the stipulated last date along with fresh application in the prescribed proforma.
      e).The Affiliation to be granted  is only for coaching and training the candidates for
            Examination of certificate courses conducted by SBTET for the Academic Year in question.
       f). The institute should not use the affiliation of the course accorded by Board, for
the other courses conducted by the institute on its own.
g). i) A minimum of 10 (Ten) candidates for each course for each batch should be admitted by       
       the institution, otherwise the institution cannot be granted affiliation.                                                                                                                                                                                     
           ii) The admission process is at the institution level. The institution should follow the Rule of      
            Reservation while giving due importance to merit.
          iii) The admission of students should be made on first come first service, while fulfilling the 
minimum eligibility/qualification criteria as per SBTET norms.
 h).  The syllabus of State Board of Technical Education and Training, Andhra Pradesh,      
     Hyderabad is to be followed.
        i). The SBTET,AP, Hyderabad can visit the institute at any time on any working day of academic    
           calendar as per schedule.  Any deviation/ irregularities reported during such visits on the      
           part of institution/society in any courses approved by this order attract de-affiliation with     
           immediate effect.
j). i)  The institution should sponsor at least 80 % of candidates  for the examination    per
       course for the intake sanctioned .                                                                 
    ii) if the failure of candidates in the end examination is more than 50 % of approved intake     
      in   successive end examination attracts de-affiliation of the institution.
k).In case an institution fails to get the renewal of affiliation done for any   course in a   
    particular year, the next year it has to apply as a new institution.
l).The institution should obtain the prior approval of the State Board of Technical Education      
   and Training for the change in address /change of title /change of name of the institution, if
m). The institutions are not entitled to use the name/logo of SBTET, AP, in any manner,  
    reflecting/communicating the sense as the institution is recognized by/affiliated to SBTET,  
    AP, /Govt., Department of Technical Education.  However it is restricted to make use to the
    extent of courses affiliated by SBTET, by this order.
n). Any sort of misuse of affiliation accorded by State Board of Technical   Education and
     Training in any manner shall entitle for de affiliation & legal action.
o). Adequate safety measures for students & faculty regarding building & laboratories should
     be taken by the institution itself and State Board of Technical Education and Training,
     Hyderabad is no way responsible for any lapse in this regard.
p). As per 41st Board Meeting, SBTET will not recommend for reimbursement of tuition fee and
    any other fee, since the course is meant for working/ unemployed youth under self financed
q). The Secretary, State Board of Technical Education and Training, Andhra Pradesh,
     Hyderabad reserves the right for withdrawal of temporary affiliation accorded for violation   
     of rules and regulations prescribed or to be prescribed there of as the case may be, at any     

 3.   a).Application form with detailed Guidelines can be downloaded from the State Board of Technical      
           Education   and Training, A.P., Website: from    20-08-2015
           and ONLINE Payment for Rs.6,000/- for CCIC courses or Rs.10,000/- for Craft courses to be made to the  
          bank account   of the “Secretary, State Board of Technical Education & Training, Andhra Pradesh” as  
          mentioned in the notification, towards registration and processing fee and the receipt pmust be   
           enclosed to the application form, failing which the application shall not be considered.
       b). No application shall be processed unless it is submitted in the prescribed form in original along    
           with all enclosures in a named cover to Sri A.NIRMAL KUMAR PRIYA, Secretary, State Board of  Technical Education and Training,Andhra Pradesh, 6th floor, BRKR Bhavan, Tank Bund Road, Hyderabad-500 063.
     c). The last date and time for submission of completed application form along with enclosures as   
         mentioned in the application form is 5.00 p.m. on 05-09-2015.  Applications received after last
         date   will not be considered and incomplete application forms will be summarily rejected.

4.   I). The process of applications for grant of Approvals will be in two Phases.
a) Issuance of Letter of Intent (LOI):  The applicant societies/Trusts that fulfill all the requirements in submitting the application to the Secretary, State Board of Technical Education and Training, A.P., Hyderabad for affiliation of certificate courses offered by private institutions will be issued initially a Letter of Intent.
b) The Applications found with insufficient / incomplete information including supporting material of the claim will summarily be rejected.
c) Issuance of Letter of Approval (LOA): The applicant societies/Trusts who fulfills all the requirements on physical inspection by the Expert Committee including payment of Non Refundable Registration &Processing fee of Rs.6000/-per course for CCIC courses or Rs. 10000/-per course for CRAFT courses, FDRs and required infrastructure facilities etc. will be issued Letter of Approval for Institutions offering Certificate Courses after due procedure  by the Secretary, State Board of  Technical Education and Training, A.P., Hyderabad
      ii). Further details can be downloaded from
     iii). The decision of the SBTET, AP, Hyderabad shall be final.  Canvassing in any form is  
strictly prohibited. No correspondence will be entertained in the processing of applications.

         SBTET, andhra pradesh:      

5.1    Eligibility for application and requirements:  - The Application Form for seeking   Affiliation from
         SBTET for short term courses in various disciplines can be submitted by:-

     a)    A Society registered under the Registration of Societies Act 1860 through
        the Chairman or Secretary of society   OR

     b)    A Trust registered under the Charitable Trusts Act 1950 or any other
        relevant Acts through the Chairman or Secretary of the trust  OR

     c)    The Central Government or the Government of A.P or by a Society OR

d)      A Trust registered by them or under Public Private Partnership mode through an officer 
   authorized   by the  Central Government or the Government of Andhra Pradesh.

5.2.   The applicant is a Society/Trust, should have been registered under
        the Societies Registration Act, the Trusts Act or any similar Act.

5.2.1   If land is available –
           Land shall be registered in the name of the applicant Society/Trust on
          or before the date of submission of Application. The land as required
          for the setting up of a new Technical Institution shall have a clear title at the time of making an   
          Else the applicant society / trust shall have executed lease for not less than two (2) years.

5.2.2.   Building:

Building shall be on ownership of institute’s society or on lease / rental basis for the
period for not less than 2 years & provision of extension for next 2years
by the agreement on Rs.100/- non judicial stamp paper and document should be
registered with said area registrar. The following documents are to be submitted
         a)  Tax (PT) paid receipt copy (latest)
         b)  Lease Deed made on Rs.100/- non judicial stamp paper along with approved Building plan
         c)  Loan or Mortgage case(s) if any
         d)  A copy of land document attested by land owner including preceding link documents.
         e)  Structural Safety Certificate from Structural Engineer who had registered with local
              Authority (Proof of the Certificate to be submitted)


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