Industrial Training for V/VI Sem Diploma Students

 Sub: Technical Education- Industrial Training – Obtaining the Indemnity

 Bonds from the Parents-Insurance coverage to the students- Reg.

 Ref: CTEs Circular memo No H1/6135/2012 Dt 11-05-2012

The Principals of all Polytechnics are aware that as per C-09 Curriculum, the
V/VI Semester students have to attend to the Industrial training in the selected
Industries from November 2015 vide CTEs Memo under ref cited

During the industry-Institution interaction meets at various places the
Industrialists have expressed concern on safety and Insurance to the students.
The Insurance companies in specific Government of India Enterprises have come
forward to insure the candidate for a period of 1(one) year when they go to
the Industrial Training.

In this connection, the Director of Factories assured their support to the
department in the safety aspects by sparing the services of Factories Department
personnel in all the Districts if the Principals approach Inspector of Factories
Department in the Districts concern for imparting safety precautions to their

Hence all the principals are directed to instruct their TPO/HOD/Sr.
Lecturers/Lecturer, to utilize the same training placements for placing the students
for industrial training in V/VI semester in their final year course of study.

In this connection the Principals of all the Govt., Aided, Private (un-aided)
Private Polytechnics and 2nd shift Polytechnics in Private Engineering Colleges are
therefore requested to approach the Nationalized Insurance companies and see that
every student must be insured for a period of 1(one) year and obtain the
Indemnity Bond from the parents duly signed by parents, student and the
principal before they go to the Industrial Training from November 2015.

In view of the above, all the Principals are requested to take necessary steps
to get every student insured and obtain the Indemnity Bond before they leave
for Industrial Training.


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