Attendance,Syllabus coverage,Unit Test Marks, Sessional &Practical Marks

Sub: SBTET - Dip. Exam. – Mar/Apr -2016- Uploading of Attendance – Syllabus coverage – Unit Test Marks, Sessional Marks and Practical Marks for the regular candidates – Requested – Regarding.

With reference to the Subject cited above the Principals are requested to upload attendance, Unit Test marks, Syllabus coverage for theregular students in the student portal.

It is further informed that many institutions are not uploading the information in the student portal in time, which is causing lot of delay in declaring the results and keeping the results pending. Hence all the principals are requested to instruct the concerned heads of section to personally verify the timely uploading and accuracy of the uploaded information.
1. The attendance and syllabus coverage is to be uploaded every fortnight.
2. The first unit test marks are to be uploaded by 01-02-2016. (The maximum marks of C-09, 601 subject of all branches is 10 and unit test marks are to be uploaded for maximum of 10)
3. Optional subject’s data is to be uploaded by 05-02-2016.
4. The 2nd unit test marks for First year are to be uploaded by 05-02-2016.
5. The third unit test for 1st year and 2nd unit test marks for 4th and 6th Semester and sessional marks in Practical subjects are to be uploaded by 25-03-2016. (While uploading check the maximum marks of each subject ex: The Maximum marks in C-14, 109,110 for all branches are 20)
6. The Practical marks (External exam) are to be uploaded by 25-04-2016.
7. Industrial training (5th Semester) marks are to be uploaded before 16-05-2016
The details of regular students whose details are available in both attendance and unit test marks only will be pushed to the dofpportal for payment of examination fee. If the institutions don’t upload the SM and PM as per schedule, it will be difficult to process the result as the result should be declared for ECET-2016 admissions and EAMCET-2016 rankings. Hence the results of such default institutes have to be kept withheld.

It is further requested that the Head of Sections may be informed to upload the optional subject’s data after thorough verification by 05-02-2016. The SBTET is decided not to issue answer booklet with wrong optional subject and not to allow the candidate to appear with the booklet generated with wrong optional subject.

All the Principals are requested to bestow their personnel attention and issue the necessary instructions to the concerned Head of Sections to verify the details of regular students in studentportal and upload the unit test marks, optional subjects, syllabus coverage, attendance and other information.

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