Candidates Seeking Change of Examination center for Diploma examinations Conducted by the Board

Sub: - SBTET - Diploma (C-05,C-08,C-09, C-14 & ER-91) I, II, III Year/Semesters Regular & Supplementary Examinations Mar/Apr -2016 – Candidates Seeking Change of Examination center for Diploma examinations Conducted by the Board – Guidelines – Issued – Reg.

Ref: - 1. XXXIX Board Meeting held on 24-07-2008.
2. Committee meeting held on 29-08-2008 in the conference hall of SBTET, A.P., Hyderabad.
3. This office Lr. No. SBTET/EE-I-14/848/2005 Dated: 18-09-2008.
4. SBTET/Pre-Exam/DIP/2957/Mar-Apr-16/2016 dated. 23-01-2016


With references to the above, it is to inform you that the detailed of guidelines are furnished herewith for change of examination centers.

1) Change of examination center may be permitted in genuine cases only.
2) The regular course students shall not be considered.
3) Change of center within the station is not permitted.
4) Change of examination center may be allowed in respect of Regular students after they complete the prescribed course of study at the Institution where they have been admitted initially.
5) Interstate Change of Examination Center shall not be considered (i.e., Telangana to AP or AP to Telangana)


1) Female candidate got married during the course of study and seeking change of center to the place due to for her husband’s place of working / Residence. Such requisition shall be entertained on production of (Latest) service certificate(in original) of the husband issued by the employer/ competent authority (MRO).

2) In case of candidates father or mother retired from service or transferred to another station to which the change of center sought may be considered on production of the (Latest) certificate issued by competent authority (MRO)/Employer.


1) Change of examination center may be granted subject to candidate producing the (Latest) service certificate issued by competent authority of the organization to the place to which examination center is sought.
2) Change of Center may be considered on the priority of category of employment.
I. Govt. Establishments.
II. Public Sector undertakings
III.Private Sector Establishment Registered under concerned departments.
IV. M.N.C. organizations.
V. Self employed business establishments (Registered)

6) a). Change of Center may be allowed as many times as the candidate desires subject to production of certificates and payment of fee for each notification.
b). Change of examination center may be allowed from Govt. Polytechnic to another Govt. Polytechnic only and from Private Polytechnic to Govt. Polytechnic as per their request. However change of examination center from Govt. to Private and Private to Private Polytechnic/Institutions shall not be allowed.
7) Filtration of applications and allocation of examination centers shall be under taken by the Board.
8) The candidates applied under late fee and Tatkal Scheme shall not be allowed for such change of examination center.
9) The change in examination center shall be limited to 10% of sanctioned intake per Branch / Institution at which center the candidate seeking to appear for examination.
10) The above shall be decided on first come first served basis.
11) The change in examination center will be granted only on payment of fee through
D.D. in favour of “THE SECRETARY, SBTET, A.P,payable at Vijayawada, from any Nationalized bank.
I) Rs. 500/- per Regular candidates(Daytime).

II) Rs. 1500/- for CCC candidates.
The Principals are requested to inform the candidates to submit the application along with necessary certificates and required fee as mentioned above to this office on or before 27-02-2016 so as to enable this office to process the applications based on the guidelines mentioned above. Applications received from Institutions or the candidates after prescribed date will not be considered.


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