SBTET AP Results Oct/Nov Re-Admitted Candidates From C-09 to C-14 Additional Subjects

Sub:- SBTET-AP- Hyderabad – C-14 Curriculum-Additional subjects to be appeared by the candidates readmitted into C-14 Scheme at III Sem Level- Workshop conducted on 05-06-2015, 06-06-2015 and 09-06-2015 Communicated - Reg.

Ref:- C-14 Curriculum
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With reference to the above, , this is to inform that a workshop was conducted at SV. Bhavan,
Masab Tank on 05-06-2015, 06-06-2015 and 09-06-2015 for identification of branch wise
additional subjects to be appeared by the Re- admitted candidates from C-09 scheme into C-14
scheme at III semester level and exempted subjects if any.
In this regard the following items as stated in the relevant annexures enclosed herewith are
communicated for strict compliance..
Annexure I :- Guidelines to be followed by the readmitted candidates from C-09 Scheme
into C-14 Scheme.
Annexure II :- Undertaking to be obtained from the candidates seeking readmission from
C - 09 Scheme into C-14 Scheme.
Annexure III:- List of Branch wise Additional Subjects to be appeared by the readmitted
candidates and exempted subjects

The Principals of all Polytechnics are therefore informed to give wide publicity for the same by prominently displaying it in the notice board and also by circulation to all students and staff concerned. The receipt of the circular shall be acknowledged.


1. Any student who seeks readmission from C-09 scheme to C-14 scheme has to
complete the diploma within double the duration of the course from the date of his/her first
admission; otherwise the candidate forfeits the diploma. An undertaking is to be given
by such candidates to the said effect
2. The readmitted candidate has to appear and pass the additional subjects as
identified by The subject experts on his/her own and no separate classes will be conducted
for the additional subjects.
3. The readmitted candidate has to give an undertaking stating that he/she will abide by
the rules and regulations framed under C-14 scheme only.
4. If a candidate in 1st year C-09 scheme is detained and given permission for re –
admission he will be admitted into I year C-14 scheme
5. A candidate who seeks readmission from C-09 scheme to C-14 scheme has to
complete all backlog subjects in C-09 scheme only, up to the semester of
6. In promotion rule to appear for 4th,5th or 6th / 7th semester examination, additional
subjects are not counted for the calculation of number of backlog subjects condition.
7. Exemption will be given for the subjects, which he/she has already studied in C-09
scheme as identified by subject experts.
8. A C-09 scheme candidate can be readmitted in to the respective semesters i.e 3rd, 4th ,5th and 6th/7th semester, under C-14 scheme, where the candidate is discontinued/
9. No sessional marks are to be awarded for additional/ substitute/deficient subjects.
However, the candidate shall appear for additional/ substitute subject(s) end examination
and the maximum marks of the paper shall be scaled to maximum marks of the subject
including sessional marks.

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