Sub :  TECHNICAL EDUCATION-TSPOLYCET-2017 Admissions- Conduct of Institutional Spot Admission for left over seats - Instructions issued.

The Principals of Government/Aided/Private Polytechnics/ II Shift Polytechnics in Pvt. Engg Colleges in the State are well aware that the Final Phase of web allotments for Admission into First Year Diploma Courses in Engineering/Technology for the Academic Year 2017-18 were already placed in the website. The candidates were instructed to report at the respective Polytechnics latest by 19-07-2017. The following guidelines are issued to the Principals to enable them to fill the vacancies during Institutional Spot Admissions. Principals are requested to adhere to the time schedule and guidelines prescribed hereunder.

  1. The Convenor did not collect the original certificates of the candidate at the time of granting the provisional admission. Hence, the Principals are requested to thoroughly verify and collect all the original certificates and retain them till the candidate completes the course. 

  2. List of allotted candidates and vacancy position after conclusion of the web counselling are placed in the website.

  3. Candidates have been asked to report at the respective Polytechnics on or before          19-07-2017 without fail. Seats left unfilled at the end of final Phase are indicated in the vacancy position placed in website for TSPOLYCET http://tspolycetd.nic.in  http://tspolycet.nic.in.  Vacancy position of (unfilled seats at the end of latest phase of counselling) all colleges is placed in students website while the vacancy of concerned college can be downloaded by logging in through college login in the Department site).

  4. Principals/Managements of the colleges shall verify the list of candidates allotted to the respective institutions in final phase of counselling and shall not continue any candidate who are not present in the current list of allotments.  They shall be directed to report at the newly allotted Institution immediately. 

  5. All the Principals are hereby informed to update the joining details of the candidates on or before 20-07-2017 before arriving at the final vacancies to be considered for internal sliding and Spot Admissions.

  6. Principals shall inform the candidates that fee reimbursement is not applicable to the candidates sliding to other branches and shall collect the Tuition fee from such candidates, if they are under fee exempted category.

  7. Internal sliding of the candidates are permitted within the same shift.

  8. Final vacancy position for Spot Admissions shall be arrived after considering the internal sliding of the candidates and same shall be displayed on the notice board for spot admissions. 

  9. In Private Minority Institutions and Singareni Collaries Polytechnic College, Mancherial, Adilabad Dist 50% of seats (Diploma seats) will be filled by the Convenor and 50% of seats are to be filled by the Management for which there is no fee reimbursement.

  10. In Private Minority Institutions and Singareni Collaries Polytechnic College, Mancherial Dist where 50% of the seats are being filled by the Management shall follow the same guidelines and schedule given for the Spot Admissions.  Special Observer will be deputed to supervise the admission activity.

  11. 11.Fill the resultant vacancies after internal sliding with the candidates in the following order in the Institutional Spot Admissions.

(a)   First with Qualified candidates of TSPOLYCET 2017  in order of  merit, who have not taken admission so far  and secured 35% aggregate marks with Mathematics as one of the subject in the qualifying examination X or its equivalent examination.
    (b)  Secondly with the candidates not qualified in TSPOLYCET-2017 and    passed SSC or its equivalent examination in one attempt with 35% aggregate marks with mathematics as one of the Subject in the qualifying examination in order of merit basing on the aggregate Marks out of 600/GRADE total.
Finally with the candidates passed in SSC or its Equivalent Examination compartmentally with 35% aggregate marks with Mathematics as one of the subject in the qualifying examination and in order of merit basing on the aggregate marks out of 600/GRADE total.

NOTE:  (Candidates belonging to NIOS / TSOSS/APOSS / CBSE / ICSE / OTHER Examinations recognized as equivalent to SSC of Telangana Government should have passed all Subjects including Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry with minimum of 35% Marks in each subject for eligibility and to seek admission. In the above mentioned order 11 (a) (b) and (c) for spot admission.)
Principals shall make sure of the eligibility criteria prescribed for admission before granting admission to the candidates into Polytechnics.
12. No candidate shall be admitted in spot admissions without original Certificates.
Principal shall obtain a declaration from the candidate as here under:
I declare that, I fulfil the eligibility criteria laid down for Admission into polytechnics and also certify that I am not suffering from any of the following diseases:
a. Mentally retarded

b. Blindness

c.  Deaf and Dumb

d.  Chronic Heart, Lung, Kidney and Liver diseases

e.  Muscular dystrophy.

f.  I shall also cannot claim any compensation or concession in case of any accident / damage caused to me during my course of study at the institution or at the place of training from the Principal of the Institution / Department of Technical Education, Government of Telangana.
Follow the rules of reservation and convert the seats from one reservation category to the other reservation category at each stage as mentioned in the Annexure.  For fee details refer the notification of TSPOLYCET-2017 which is also available on the website http://tspolycet.nic.in and for the certificates to be collected refer the TSPOLYCET  2017 Booklet.

When general reservation (BC/SC/ST) and special reservation category (NCC/SP/CAP) seats are diverted to open competition (OC) due to non availability of candidates in a particular local area and there are no takers for these seats (OC seats) in that local area then only these OC seats (General reservation/special reservation seats diverted to OC) are to be filled by the candidates of the other two local areas in the combined merit order treating them as UNR (UNRESERVED) OC Seats.

In Govt. Model Residential Polytechnics (G.M.R. Polytechnics) the vacant seats of

ST category shall be offered to ST candidates and SC seats to SC candidates only. Vice-versa is also not permitted and they should never be diverted even to OPEN category due to non-availability of ST and SC candidates. However the diversions can be made in respect of vacant BC seats (i.e) BC_A-> BC_B->BC_C->BC_D->BC_E.

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